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taylor swift fan union

Monday Jul 03, 2023

Monday Jul 03, 2023


anarchist safe spaces

Sunday Jun 25, 2023

Sunday Jun 25, 2023

be safe out there folks and wear your seatbealts

Sunday Jun 04, 2023

Another old ep of local celebs where we call someone and try to buy ducks, it's coo.


Monday May 29, 2023

Monday May 29, 2023

we've been acquired by NPR 

maybe we just mite

Sunday May 21, 2023

Sunday May 21, 2023

sorry there wasn't an ep last week. kevin was sick. lol jk he just hates doing the podcast.

Bonus Episode: Report This Post

Wednesday May 10, 2023

Wednesday May 10, 2023

logic pro screwed up the previous file so here's the correct one, sorry!
big thanks to christian and geiger of the Report This Post Podcast
listen to Report This Post on any podcast platform and join their patreon bc they rule

Sunday Apr 30, 2023

this is a brand new podcast we did with patrick richardson from the 'patrick cobos' podcast which is a great podcast if u like podcasts which im assuming you do since you're listening to a podcast right now

Sunday Apr 23, 2023

we've been replaced by AI... we've been bot out lol

Sunday Apr 16, 2023

Another old ep of Local Celebrities... We'll have a new ep next week. ilu.

Sunday Apr 09, 2023

here's another old ep of local celebs. kevin is even on this one.

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